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-Ryder Customer, xxxxx,   APRIL 2016
(in response to the higher than normal 4-hour response time)..I would rather wait two days than have anyone else fix it. You (Masters of Disasters) are worth the wait.
There will be two things I miss (when transferring to new location) Masters of Disasters and the hot receptionist at my hotel, but more so Masters of Disasters. You're the best I've seen and the best company we've ever had. I know when ANYTHING breaks not to worry, just call you. I've already instructed my predecessor to call the Masters with any problems.
-Mark, Praxair Site Manager   FEBRUARY 26, 2015
Masters of Disasters is the only place I trust. I know if I call you, it (the problem) will be fixed. There are no other vendors I can call other than you (Masters of Disasters).
-Matt, Ryder T3 Tech,   NOVERMBER 6,  2013
You are truly the Masters
-Jim, Southeastern Leasing   JUNE 2016
There is no one better from Pittsburg, PA to West Virginia. 
-Donovan Logging  MAY 2016
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Double or Nothing
No, we did not lose a bet. When we say, "fix ANYTHING," we mean it. To a family in West Virginia, fixing up their high-class motor home. To some, repairing this WV family's R.V., would only require a match, but our focus on customer service lead to a stylish family vacation!
Masters of Disasters Truck Repair Shop: 109 W. Myles Ave., Pennsboro, WV 26415 | email: themastersofdisasters@gmail.com | call: (304) 659-2354  or (304) 659-2351