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A Picture Never Lies
Need an M.D?

Give us a call at
(304) 659-2351

Every service vehicle is 
equipped with a torch & welder!

Matt did a hell of a job. We're really lucky to have found you. Even if you were anywhere else (outside of this rural area), we'd be lucky to find you.

I'm not easily impressed. You rebuilt the most critical part of my (super-load) trailer.

-Steve ---, Professional Driver
and this one says..Excellence is the very foundation of our business. We've built our reputation on being the best around. And it's not just because we're located in the middle of no where! We've had several owner-operators drive for hours just to get to us. They pass through the big cities all the way here to a "mechanic they can trust and afford," says Rick, Owner of Werry Trucking.
Miles and Miles and Miles Above the Rest

Masters of Disasters is like a happy-hour cocktail. When everyone else "punches out," we continue strong. Vigorously blend integrity, quality, competitive pricing with superior job knowledge and you get powerfully potent mechanics on the way to get you on your way.
Avoid Dead-End Roads

Instead of taking the easy, comfortable way, we commit to the job and complete the repair (s) wherever the unit is located. Unlike other repair shops, towing a unit is an absolute last resort and is rarely ever necessary When a vehicle is towed, aside from a large bill, there is STILL a broken vehicle in need of repair. Avoid dead-end shops that trade your dollar for their luxury. Don't let your air governor (true story), mechanic misdiagnosis or any other minor repair be reason to tow. 

Of course there are extreme cases where towing is necessary, but let the record show, it doesn't include much of anything. 

Examples of SOME work we've done roadside
Remove and replace transmission
Fabricate structural support for super-load with Boing jet engine.
Remove and replace heavy-haul extendable axle

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Haulin' & Over-Haulin'    
Addition of Freight Transportation
We just finished the work on our new (to us) fleet semi, paving the way further into the transportation industry. 

Masters of Disasters Truck Repair Shop: 109 W. Myles Ave., Pennsboro, WV 26415 | email: themastersofdisasters@gmail.com | call: (304) 659-2354  or (304) 659-2351